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Club Member Terms and Conditions Agreement

Interested in becoming a Quady wine club member, or looking for details regarding your current club membership? Take a minute to review the information below for membership details.

By purchasing this product (Club Quady/Electra/Vya Membership) and as a member of Club Quady/Electra/Vya, I agree to purchase two (2) Wine Club Releases within a one (1) year period. Wine Club Releases occur during the months of April and October. Wine Club Releases are limited-time orders that are only offered during the month of their scheduled release. Quady Winery staff will attempt to notify me by email and/or phone of upcoming Wine Club Releases starting approximately 3 weeks prior to and during the month of the Wine Club Release. Quady Winery staff will also attempt to remind me to update any expired or outdated billing/shipping information on file at that time. It is my responsibility to inform Quady Winery's staff of any changes to my contact and payment information including phone numbers, email addresses, payment information, billing and shipping addresses.

By joining Club Quady/Electra/Vya, I understand I am enrolling in the wine club and permit Quady South Winery, LLC., to charge my credit card on file* for each Wine Club Release (which includes wine and any applicable freight** and sales tax) in the months of April and October. I confirm that I am at least 21 years of age and understand all Wine Club Releases must be received and signed for at time of delivery or picked up by someone at least 21 years of age. 

After I receive my first two (2) Wine Club Releases, I will remain a member, receiving Wine Club Releases in the months of April and October, until I request my Club Quady/Electra/Vya Membership to be cancelled by calling the winery at 1-800-733-8068 or emailing before the next scheduled release.

I understand that if I miss a Wine Club Release due to a missed payment, expired credit card or other payment processing issue, Quady South Winery, LLC., may suspend my Club Quady/Electra/Vya Membership and all membership benefits until payment is received.

*If you select or have selected the “Ship” option for your Club Quady/Electra/Vya Membership, your credit card payment for the Wine Club Release will be processed during the months of April and October. Wine Club Releases will be shipped out within two business days of the payment being processed. If you select or have selected the “Pick Up” option for your Club Quady/Electra/Vya Membership, you will receive your Wine Club Release by picking it up at Quady Winery: 13181 Rd. 24, Madera, CA 93637, and your credit card (or other form of payment) will be taken at the time of pick up. Quady Winery will hold Wine Club Releases at the winery for members wanting to pick up until the 25th of the month. If the Wine Club Release has NOT been picked up by the 25th, the credit card on file will be charged for the wine and any applicable shipping and taxes the following business day. The Wine Club Release will then be shipped to the registered address on file within two (2) business days following payment processing. Quady Winery and its employees do not record or hold access to credit card information. Only the credit card's last four (4) digits and its expiration date are accessible to Quady employees.

**At the time of shipment, Wine Club Releases are sent to the last registered Club Member Ship To address. Club Members are responsible for notifying Quady South Winery, LLC., about any change of bill to or ship to address at least five (5) business days prior to scheduled Wine Club Releases. Quady South Winery, LLC., is not liable for any shipping expenses resulting in a returned or lost Wine Club Release due to old and/or outdated Club Member addresses.

Quady Winery reserves the right to change any of the information above at anytime, with or without prior notification. Quady Winery will make every effort available to communicate noteworthy changes regarding future or current club memberships to me by phone and/or email. Quady employees use phone numbers and email addresses listed in current account information. Outdated contact information may prevent Quady employees from reaching me about any changes made.

Published 03/2021