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If you like port you will love our Starboard. Starboard is made using traditional Portuguese grape varieties grown in the foothills of Amador County. Starboard has the bright fruit of ruby style port and the round nutty character of tawny port. This is due to our distinctive climate and soils, which resemble those of Portugal. Out of deference for the fine tradition that all port must come from the Douro in Portugal, our ports are named Starboard, nautically on the right of the boat from port. See a list of states we currently ship to.

NOTICE: We are currently unable to ship our Port & Starboard wines directly to customers in Michigan. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Easy drinking port-style wine placed somewhere between a ruby and a tawny. It's warm, smooth and rich with a chocolate raisin character - in a half bottle size.

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/ 375 ml
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A smooth, easy-drinking port-style wine with chocolate-raisin character that’s halfway between a ruby and a tawny. Delightfully warming on the palate.

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/ 750 ml
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