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Palomino Fino 750 ml

Palomino Fino 750 ml
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Palomino Fino is an amontillado sherry-style wine produced from biodynamically grown Palomino Fino grapes in the San Joaquin Valley. Our dry, nutty Palomino Fino is made using the same solera methods as in Jerez, Spain, where sherry is traditionally crafted.

Genuine sherry comes from Jerez y Sanlucar, a place in southern Spain. The word “sherry” came about because the English-speaking founders of the wine trade in Jerez had a hard time with their Spanish consonants. As it wouldn’t be right to label “California Oranges” as Florida Oranges, it isn’t right to steal the name of a famous wine from another place. Using the same grapes and methods doesn’t make our wine sherry.

So what about the wine?

Sherry and Palomino Fino are anachronistic in today’s wine world. Their flavor comes not from grapes, per se, as with other wines, but to a significant degree, from a microorganism. This microorganism is the flor (as in flower) yeast that grows on the surface of the aging wine. In young wines (fino sherry for example), the flor contributes a fresh bread-like character. Prolonged aging under the flor develops richness and complexity. Quady’s Palomino Fino spent 5 years in barrels under the flor. The aroma of flor-aged wine is often described as “nutty”. Enjoying a glass of Palomino Fino creates a sense of captured time; an elegant taste of nostalgia in the modern era.

The word “Amontillado” brings to mind Edgar Allen Poe’s Cask of Amontillado; a brilliant horror story written in 1846 in which Montressor lures his tormentor Fortunato into a crypt with the promise of a taste from a phantom pipe of rare amontillado sherry.

In 1846, sherries and amontillados were well known, valuable, and individuals actually owned pipes (a cask of about 140 gallons) of them.

Fresno County, an agricultural area known for its plump and juicy raisins, lies to the south of the important Madera wine appellation and is home to Gina Nonini and the biodynamic Palomino Fino grapes grown at Marian farms.

The solera produces only 85 cases per year.

Back in 2002 we were approached by an enthusiastic young lady from Fresno, Gina Nonini. Gina had a vineyard of old (maybe 50 years old) Palomino Fino grapes which she was growing biodynamically and was looking for a winemaking partner. We decided to buy these grapes and make them into a wine according to the traditional methods used in Spain. Five years later we were delighted with the solera method and the effect of the flor yeast on these grapes. We released our Palomino Fino, a wine which is remarkably close to true amontillado sherry.
—Andrew Quady
This bold and expressive Sherry-style wine is a rarity in California, made from biodynamically grown grapes using a flor yeast. It has a roasted-nut and honey aroma followed by a dry palate full of apricots, toasted almonds, molasses and bitters. Definitely worth a try for those who love the sweet-dry tension and the flor pungency.
— Jim Gordon, Wine Enthusiast, 2022
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